LARGEMOUTH BASS: The average Largemouth Bass harvested at Patoka Lake is about 16 1/2 inches long. Plenty of 3-5 pound fish are caught, along with quite a few "big ones".


SMALLMOUTH BASS: Native to North America, the Smallmouth Bass is a popular gamefish sought after by many anglers. Known for the fight it gives when getting reeled in, it is considered one of the sportiest freshwater fish. Smallmouth Bass are a part of the sunfish family.


BLUEGILL: Despite local rumors, Bluegill are abundant throughout the lake, with reproduction rates and growth rates well over state average. The typical Bluegill caught here is 8 1/2 inches. Big ones here reach 12 inches.


CRAPPIE: Due to recent introduction of shad as a bait fish at Patoka, both White and Black Crappies are reproducing and growing like crazy. Average length is 10 inches, with some monsters here reaching 17 inches.


SUNFISH: Longear and Redear Sunfish are overpopulating Patoka Lake. They make for great panfishing here, especially for children. The typical Sunfish caught here is 7 inches long. Big ones here reach 11 inches.


WHITE BASS: Despite a big population, few people fish for them here. The White Bass caught here range from 13 to 17 inches in length and put up a good fight for the few that go after them.


STRIPERS (STRIPED BASS / ROCKFISH): Growing like mad since their initial introduction a few years ago. Fishermen who target them regularly catch 18-20 inchers.


CATFISH: Monster Catfish here in the lake are a local secret. Channel cats here generally run from 15 to 32 inches in length. Fishermen have only recently started fishing for cats, and the lake should produce some record Catfish.


WALLEYE: The Walleye is a freshwater fish in the perch family that is a popular and commonly-stocked game fish. Walleye are long and thin, primarily gold and olive in color, with a white belly. The back is crossed with five or more black bands. They have two dorsal fins - one spiny and one soft-rayed.